Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. In the result, the patient has to suffer excessive thirst and frequent urination. It is a disease that leaves long lasting impact on the body. In this health issue the body cannot handle amount of glucose in the bloodstream. It is called type 2 diabetes. This situation is not good because it is the indication of many other health issues. It can affect the functions of kidney especially. It can damage other organs such as heart. People who have been suffering from the problem of obesity may have this issue. It makes your body resistant to insulin. Children and adults can have this issue due to the overweight.


Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that is developed in pancreas. It transforms the glucose into energy. If your body prepares insulin but cells do not use it then it is the sign of typ2 diabetes. It is known as insulin resistance. Pancreas starts more working for the formation of insulin. Its purpose is to get sugar for cells but it fails. The level of sugar increases in the blood, in the result. It is very important to maintain the sugar level in the blood.

Risk Factors in Diabetes

Some other risk factors are given below that should be avoided. These factors are dangerous and can cause diabetes.

  1. Anxiety, Stress or depression
  2. Sleeping too much or little
  3. Blood vessel or heart disease
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Pre_diabetes
  6. Low good cholesterol and HDL level in the body
  7. Having a baby more than 9 pounds
  8. Obesity or overweight
  9. High triglycerides
  10. Gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  11. PCOS Poly cystic ovary syndrome
  12. Acanthosis nigricans, Skin issues with dark rashes underarms or around the neck
  13. No exercise and smoking

Always live a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to get rid of many health issues. The diabetes can cause problems in bones and joints as well. Choose the diabetic diet that gives the instant and extremely effective process to improve pain in joints, range of motion, increases mobility and releases joint discomfort. Use the herbal medicines that contain the formula that is based on the ingredients that are incredible in offering extra strength, fast joint care, and protection. The herbs are used to improve the function of the pancreas. It activates the cells for energy.

How to treat Diabetes?

The majority of the diabetic persons uses a variety of supplements for treating diabetes. It is one of the effective ways of treatment. It is used to provide the true vitality to the body. Commonly, they use it for raising the stamina and boosting the energy level. In the market, there is a huge range of items are available in the form of supplements. But, the effectiveness of this product is dynamic. It is a perfect way that provides enough amounts of components for energizing the body. By using these drugs, patients can reverse the harmful conditions.