Type 1 diabetes

                                            Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism that causes excessive thirst and high amount of urination. It is due to the excessive amount of sugar or glucose in the blood. It happens when pancreas stops producing insulin. The functions of pancreas are to produce insulin to control glucose level in the blood and to stop liver from secreting glucose into bloodstream. There are two types of diabetes.

  1. High amount of glucose in the blood
  2. No production of insulin

The symptoms of diabetes and the treatments are different of these two types. But, diabetic person should be active for getting rid of the harmful effects of diabetes.

What is type 1 diabetes?

It occurs when immune system of the body ruins the beta cells. These are the cells which are present in the pancreas. These are responsible for producing insulin. If the immune system does not destroy the beta cells but wipes them out then it is called secondary diabetes. These beta cells are wiped out due to the injury to the pancreas or due to the disease. It can cause secondary diabetes. It is less harmful for the body and by the time it can be cured.type-1-diabetes




What is the function of Insulin?

A hormone that assists in moving glucose into bloodstream or body tissues is called Insulin. This glucose is the fuel for cells that provides energy to the body. In the presence of this sugar cells perform actively. In type 1 diabetes, due to the damage of the beta cells, the whole process stops. Cells cannot receive glucose for their performance and a person has to face fatigue because the body cells are starving. It causes blood sugar. It can cause dehydration and frequent weight loss. It can appear in men and women equally. You may have these issues due to it.

  1. Fatigue
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Acidity
  5. Pain in stomach
  6. Headache

Is type 1 diabetes curable?

Yes it is. The use of special diabetic diet is very important. It reduces diabetes symptoms. If you consult the doctor, he/she will allow you some medicine to regulate the function of pancreas. It helps in maintaining the insulin level in the body. The medicine contains all the ingredients that are good to activate the patient. The efficiency of these drugs has no match. Some of other important benefits are given below.

  • gives relief from symptoms quickly in 2 hours

It works actively by reversing the severe conditions.

  • By providing vital nutrients for pancreas function, it is effective for a long time.

It is very easy to access. These medicines have no side effects and are highly efficient. All these factors need your special attention for curing these health issues. If you are taking proper diet for diabetes then it provides the relief from these problems. Choose one of the best medicines that provide relief from discomfort of legs. It contains the unique formula that is effective in offering relief from the discomfort. It helps in maintaining the weight loss.