How does research and advocacy help diabetic patients?

In every country there are a few non-profit organizations which help various patients with a specific disease. There are many organizations which help people with AIDs, hepatitis, etc. There are a lot of institutions which provide advocacy for diabetes. There is a lot of research going on not only in the USA but also across the world to help and support the diabetes patients. The purpose of such organizations is to provide more awareness and better knowledge about the diseases, its cause, medical explanation of the disease, prevention, cure and treatment. Not many people know what causes diabetes? There are also many people who do not know what the normal glucose levels are? It is through the research and advocacy that the people get help and aid not only to prevent the disease but also fight it.



The ADA’s role

The ADA or also known as the American diabetes association has been promoting research and advocacy for diabetic patients. The origination was founded back in the year 1940. It has been working for the diabetics since then. The purpose of the organization is to research and use the results of the research to help the current and the future generation. The organization funds the research by providing assistance and funding for many other medical institutions and organizations.

There are many ways in which the organization promotes the knowledge about the disease; how to cure and it how to prevent it. There is a lot of important information which the organization gives such as statistics on the disease online. The organization provides books, online reading material, research papers, guides, tips, medication information and a lot more to fight the disease.

The purpose of research and advocacy

With the help of advocacy the public now knows almost everything about the diabetes. There isn’t a person who does not know the basics of preventing the disease or what to eat or do when a person has diabetes. These organizations also provide attorneys to advocate diabetics legally. There are many other organizations besides the ADA which conduct research and advocacy. These organizations also arrange webinars, meetings, volunteering activities and various other functions to advocate people about diabetes. These webinars provide the answer t basic questions such as what causes diabetes. Or what the normal glucose levels are? What to eat and how to prevent diabetes in daily life with exercise. What medication is effective for type-1 and type-2 diabetes?

The research and advocacy goals

The goal of the various organizations around the world is to:

  • Increase the state funding for diabetes research programs
  • Prevent pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Provide easy access to diabetic information
  • Provide easy access to healthcare
  • To help non-diabetics understand there should be no discrimination among the people with diabetes and those who do not have it

There are many corporations that sponsor these organizations. There are also many fundraising activities which help the cause. The funds raised from various events are used for diabetes research and advocacy.