Pre-diabetes is the situation which can be a warning sign. In this condition, the glucose level in blood is higher than normal. It is not considered higher for diabetes. It is a wake-up call that you are on the way to diabetes. If your blood sugar level is at the border line then it is a risky situation. Normally the function of insulin is to control the sugar level in the blood. If it does not, it means you need to be careful. For this purpose you have to take diabetic diet. By doing this, you can reverse the symptoms of diabetes as well as improves the function of pancreas. It is a dangerous condition that can cause stroke or heart disease. By living a healthy lifestyle, you can lower these risks. It is an alarming situation. If you get the awareness then you must have to start preventions.


Diagnosis of diabetes is vital. Doctors take two tests for checking the blood sugar. It is important to know about it, because it can be cured with precautions.


  1. Fasting Test is taken without eating anything. It is taken with empty stomach


  • Below 100 normal
  • 100-125 pre-diabetes
  • Over 125 diabetes
  1. This blood test is taken after drinking sugary liquid.


  • Below140 normal
  • Below 199 pre-diabetic
  • Over 200 diabetic

How to treat?

The treatment of this situation is very easy. By improving your lifestyle you can reverse the diabetes symptoms.

  • It can be treated with exercise, weight loss and other healthy activities.
  • Take balanced diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid eating fast and junk food
  • Wake up early in the morning for exercise.
  • Avoid sleeping late night
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do not take stress and avoid depression

Benefits of the medicines

The use of the herbal medicine is good for this purpose.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

It contains essential fatty acids and essential amino acid. It provides the right quantity of these ingredients in a serving. It is an excellent mean to get a good amount of fiber. For offering 6 grams of fat per serving it is the best option. It enhances vitality in the body.

Use food supplement

It is one of the best alternates of protein that fulfills the daily need of protein in a man. With regular exercise the daily protein intake is compulsory. It is required to repair broken muscles. Protein is helpful in building new muscles as well. It is good for you for getting energy and reduces the sugar level in the body.

No side Effects

Avoid eating carbohydrates. Choose the food that has low amount of carbohydrates. If you are taking herbal drugs then it is much safer. These are good in taste. It is an FDA approved product that has no side effects.

Always buy natural supplements that have no chemical ingredients.Due to the heavy formula, may be it can cause heaviness. It can be difficult to digest for some users. It can cause fatigue and nausea.