Saturday , February 4 2017

Research & Advocacy

Research & Advocacy For bringing down the research and diabetes advocacy there are many health organizations are working. It is very important to take the action for the diabetic patients. It is a fact that life is not fair for the people who are suffering from diabetes. It is very ...

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Preventing and daily life

Preventing and daily life Diabetes is a serious disorder. It is leading cause of several health issues. Due to high glucose level, patient can lose vision. It can cause blindness, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, blur vision, eye pain, sight loss and vision problems. Patient has to go for regular treatment ...

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Diabetes and daily life

 Diabetes and daily life Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that causes excessive thirst and frequent urination. It is a serious disease that needs special care and preventions to cure. It needs to take round-the-clock assurance. All the efforts of the patients are worthwhile. It can decrease the risk of any ...

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Best practice guidelines

Best practice guidelines BPGs (Best Practice Guidelines) are built up for the diabetic patients. It is available to provide clinicians. It supports the guide practitioner, clinical practice and patient decisions. It offers an appropriate healthcare. It offers the best guidelines for the management of diabetes, diagnosis of this disorder and ...

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Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes Gestational diabetes is the diabetes during pregnancy. Pancreas does not produce insulin according to the requirement of the body. In this situation, the blood sugar level increases in the blood and cells do not receive the glucose. It is the diabetes that happens during pregnancy. There are several ...

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Pre-diabetes Pre-diabetes is the situation which can be a warning sign. In this condition, the glucose level in blood is higher than normal. It is not considered higher for diabetes. It is a wake-up call that you are on the way to diabetes. If your blood sugar level is at ...

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Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism. In the result, the patient has to suffer excessive thirst and frequent urination. It is a disease that leaves long lasting impact on the body. In this health issue the body cannot handle amount of glucose in the bloodstream. It is ...

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Type 1 diabtes

Type 1 diabetes                                             Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism that causes excessive thirst and high amount of urination. It is due to the excessive amount of sugar or ...

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What is diabetes?

What is diabetes? Diabetes is malfunction of the metabolism that produces large amounts of urine and is the cause of excessive thirst. In the blood, the excessive amount of glucose/sugar is the indication of diabetes. It is due to the malfunction of pancreas because it does not produce enough insulin. ...

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