Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is the diabetes during pregnancy. Pancreas does not produce insulin according to the requirement of the body. In this situation, the blood sugar level increases in the blood and cells do not receive the glucose. It is the diabetes that happens during pregnancy. There are several risk factors for gestational diabetes such as having prediabetes, family history of type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes in last pregnancy and overweight. It does not contain any symptoms and signs of diabetes.

Risks of the gestational diabetes

  1. If the fetus is larger or more than 9 pounds then mother may have gestational diabetes. The situation in which fetus is heavier, then there will be difficulty in delivery.
  2. The fetus is in danger for building low blood glucose that is called hypoglycemia after the birth.
  3. Follow the nutrition plan for treating the gestational diabetes.
  4. The mothers have diabetes during pregnancy may have type 2 diabetes.


What is gestational diabetes?

It is a situation of high blood sugar. It develops in pregnant women only. It exists in 4% pregnant women. It occurs even in the women who have no previous history in the later month.

Causes of gestational diabetes

The hormonal changes in the body due to the pregnancy lead to this diabetes. Women become resistant to insulin. It is the hormone that activates cells for metabolizing the glucose as a fuel. The body does not utilize the insulin and in the result, the level of blood glucose rises. The harmful effects of the diabetes appear in the form of healing reactions. It can cause low energy, changes in heart rate, optimal headaches, swelling, increased discomfort, skin irritation, changes in bowel movement and others. Some are temporary and finishes by the time. As the toxic load in the body reduces, the temporary harms decrease. Some of the important symptoms to visit the doctors are given below

  1. Daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  2. waking up with dry mouth and sore throat
  3. waking up with short breath in the night
  4. Discomfort in sleeping
  5. Disturbed sleep

How to choose the medicine?

Before using any medicines, it is important to know its harmful effects on the body. The prescription medications with the instructions of doctor guide how to take the medicine. It helps in taking the proper doze at the right time. Medicines for diabetes must be mild during pregnancy. A new user must get the information about the drug either it is suitable for her or not. For this purpose, they need to know about the side effects of diabetes treatments for getting good results. Some medicines are efficient in showing good results but leave a harmful impact on the body. During pregnancy choose the medicine that kills the harmful virus, bacteria and metals in the body to prevent it from infections. This method of cleaning the digestive system is quite safe. But, due to some reasons the process of elimination of toxins and mobilization can be harmful to the body. It produces some side effects.