Food and activity healthy for diabetic patients

Today most of the people have diabetes. According to the research only in America there are more than 30 million people with diabetes. 90% of the people have type-2 diabetes. These numbers are growing and not lowering. The reason is that many people do not know about the disease, how to control it, what to eat and what health activities to be engaged in for the prevention. Not many people know how to lower blood sugar. They do not know how to attain a normal sugar level with or without medication. People must learn about the food and activity which is healthy for diabetes prevention and treatment.



Food for diabetic patients

Not many people who have the disease know exactly what food is good for them and what is not. There are many patients who eat the food that is not good for diabetes and they often complain that the medication is not having any affect. It is why, besides eating the food good for diabetes, they must also prevent eating other food items.

What to avoid?

The first thing is to avoid sugar. If there is any food that has sugar in it, it must be avoided at all costs. Sweets and sodas and alcoholic drinks should be avoided at all costs.  It is also important to cut a few harmful carbs from the diet. There are a certain carbs that have more sugar in them and thus accumulate as sugar in the blood which is not good for diabetes. Only the person who cuts carbs from the diet is able to control the sugar level and bring it to normal sugar level. Although it is not true for all kinds of carbohydrate food items, it is better to ask the doctor about what kinds of carbohydrates to avoid.

Many people think that a high protein diet is good for the diabetic patients. It is not true at all. Eating protein diet can actually help with diabetes. A balanced diet for diabetic patients includes a combination of proteins, and carbs and also a few fats.

The people who have diabetes must eat more nuts, cook food in olive oil, avocados, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and food high in fiber. The patients must eat less fatty food, and processed meat, or fast foods. It is better to avoid the fast foods rather than eat less.

Activities for diabetic patients

A person who has diabetes should perform exercise regularly. Staying fit is important for a diabetic patient. The person who has diabetes should perform aerobics, walking, jogging, bicycling, is a perfect way to do aerobics.

The resistance exercise is also good for the patients of diabetes. It is important for the patient to join a fitness center rather than try various exercises. It will be much better under supervision. The trainers and health fitness experts are well trained to provide not only the exercise plan but also a diet pan for the diabetics. It is thus important to how to lower blood sugar with diet and exercise.