Diabetes preventing and daily life

Prevention is the best cure for any disease, especially diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases which kill a person slowly. It not only kills (if the condition is severe) but also hampers a normal lifestyle of a person. A person who has diabetes cannot live a normal life at all. He or she has to be careful in eating and even doing chores. A single cut or a bruise can take months to heal, and if the sugar levels rise, it can even lead to disastrous affects for the body. There are two types of diabetes and it is important to prevent it. Once the disease is prevalent, it may not be cured 100%, but luckily, the prevention of diabetes is easy. Here are a few tips that can help prevent the diabetes in a daily life routine.



Lose fat

If a person has a family history of diabetes, then he should start losing the body fat. The person who is fat has a high risk of getting the disease. To do that, the person should walk at least 5 or 6 miles a day. Staying slim is the best way to prevent diabetes to take over. According to the medical studies, losing one kilogram reduces 16% chance of getting diabetes.

The diet tip

It is important to follow a healthy diet plan. According to studies, a person who drinks a glass of milk with an apple early in the morning upon rising will never get diabetes. Also, it is a good idea to drink a glass of fresh lukewarm water an hour before eating an apple and drinking a glass of water as breakfast. Fatty and sugar foods must be avoided to live a healthy life, free of diabetes.


Only water is good for preventing diabetes in daily life. The sodas and beverages and other boxed juices are not good for diabetes at all. All these processed juices increase the risk of getting the disease.

Take the test

It is also important to take a blood sugar glucose test regularly after every six months. A glucose test will provide better details about the blood sugar levels. It is through these regular tests for diabetes a person can formulate a diet plan for pre-diabetes situations.


The person who wants to avoid getting diabetes must move his or her body as much as possible. Even in the office, it is good to roam around after every half an hour, instead of sitting on the char all day.

Have a good Sleep

Sleep is another better way to prevent not only diabetes but also many other diseases. Having a good sound sleep is excellent for health.

These are a few tips which will ensure that a person can avoid getting the disease. It is by following the above tips any person can avoid both type of diabetes. Even the women who are pregnant should follow the above tips to ensure that they do not get gestational diabetes.