Diabetes and Daily Life

For many people who have diabetes, the daily life is not normal at all. The patients with diabetes have to be careful in every aspect of their life. Many who have diabetes type 1 also need to be extra careful, because if they get hurt it may lead to theeven more severe case. Many people who have diabetes and get injured lose their legs or hands because these wounds don’t heal. These people need to be extra careful in controlling their sugar level. Here is a brief detail of how to manage daily life with diabetes.



Diabetes and work   

Many people who have diabetes are concerned if they can work or not. They can surely work if they have the disease under control. It is also important for the diabetic patients with high blood sugarto choose the work or job which does not involve a threat if getting hurt. For example, the patients with diabetes must never choose a mining job or a labor job for a construction site.

Diabetes and travel

It is not only the high blood sugar levels that worry the patients. It is also the low sugar that can be dangerous. So, if the patients of diabetes need to travel they have to be well prepared for the travel, especially if it is a long road journey. The patients must equip themselves with necessary medication and also have a few sweets or toffees. In case they feel some need they can always chew a toffee and get the sugar level raised. Traveling is fun and the patients, who have diabetes, must travel, hike, go on picnics and be in an open environment full of greenery.

Breastfeeding during diabetes

Many women wonder if it is safe to breastfeed. According to the research and experience, there is no harm breastfeeding. It will have no effect on the baby.

Diabetes and pregnancy

Pregnancy is the case where a person has to be very careful. The condition can not only affect the woman who is pregnant but also the baby. Although, the delivery is normal and women experience no complications even if they are pregnant, but if during the delivery the sugar levels are high, it can cause damage. Poorly controlled glucose levels in the blood can harm the mother and the baby. The baby can get diabetes upon his birth if the mother does not take care properly. The mothers who have diabetes during the pregnancy it is known as gestational diabetes.

It is important for a woman to learn about this type of diabetes and always talk to the doctor. It is important for the mother to have a diet that is only good for diabetes. She must never eat fatty food or sugars in a high amount. Eating fresh vegetables and beans will only make her healthy. But eating fast food and drinking might transfer the disease to the baby. Managing diabetes is not a problem at all. One needs to be careful, improve lifestyle and eat healthily.