What is diabetes and how can it be treated?

There are many diseases which affect the patient for a long time, even though how hard the patient tries he cannot cure the disease 100%. The moment the patient is careless about the disease, it affects again. One of such diseases is diabetes. It is a disease which is often related to high blood sugar. If the patients leave it untreated, it can cause serious complications. Diabetes has two major types, type 1 and types 2. Here is a detail of how to cure diabetes with food. Anyone who tries the following food for diabeticshe can prevent the disease.



Foods that can treat Diabetes

Here are a few foods that can treat diabetes and prevent it from occurring.

Bitter Gourd

If a patient really wants to get rid of diabetes and prevent it from occurring it, then he has to eat bitter gourd. It is the best food items that controls and cures diabetes. With its sour taste, it may be hard to gulp down, but it is the food that is most helpful in this condition. The reason it is so effective is that it affects the pancreas and its function. The pancreas is related to making insulin which controls the blood sugar, and eating this vegetable helps treat and cure pancreas and make it function properly. A patient can eat it raw or drink its fresh juice. Drinking the fresh juice for 30 days will help get rid of the problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The Apple cider vinegar treats not only type 1 but also type 2 diabetes. It reduces the blood sugar levels immediately after consuming it. It also helps thepromotion of insulin production in the body.It also helps break down the excessive sugar in the blood.  It is more effective for the type 2 diabetes as it has effective polyphenols.To treat the disease properly, the patient must consume apple cedar vinegar daily.

Okra Water

It is proven medically that the vitamins B and C are helpful in controlling diabetes i.e. blood sugar levels. It also improves the blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes from occurring. The Okra water is rich in these vitamins and also fiber which helps cure diabetes.


To treat diabetes it is important for thepancreas to work properly and stimulate insulin activity. Only then diabetes can be controlled fully. Cinnamon is filled with the bioactive components and minerals which help prevent diabetes. It also fights the disease quite effectively. If cinnamon is combined with okra water, it becomes the best combination to treat and cure diabetes and its types.


The foods that promote hypoglycaemic activities in the body are proved to control the high blood sugar levels in the body.The fenugreek seeds have this property. It is why these seeds cure diabetes and also prevent it in the future. Also, the fiber present in the seeds slows the absorption of the sugar in the blood. The patients who have later stages of diabetes can get rid of the problem if they combine these seeds are with the okra water or bitter gourd juice. Having this combination daily for a month will cure diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease which should not be taken lightly. The effect on blood sugar is permanent. Many people who do not take care of their diet end up having the disease for life. The above are the best and most effective food for diabetics. Eating these foods everyday will cure and prevent diabetes. The best way to cure diabetes is to prevent it, and the most authentic way to prevent it is to have the above-mentioned foods daily.