What is Diabetes Type 1: Causesand cure

Diabetes is one of the diseases which claim thousands of lives every year. It has two types; the type 1 is harmful but it can be cured easily. The diabetes is related to the blood sugar level. Here is a detail of the diabetes type 1and the causes, symptoms and cures for it.What-Causes-type-1-diabetes


What is type 1 diabetes?


It is the autoimmune condition of the body in which the body itself destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. It means that the insulin production mechanism stops working. As a result a high blood sugar level occurs immediately. Almost 10% people who have diabetes have type 1.

What Causes type-1 diabetes?

There are several causes of diabetes.The diabetes type 1 is caused by malfunction of the pancreas. The cells present in the pancreas that are responsible to produce insulin stop working. Also, the immune system of the body destroys the cells in the pancreas which produce the insulin. When the stoppage of insulin occurs, the sugar in the blood is not converted into energy and thus the levels rise. It also results in the damage of pancreas. The type 1 of diabetes takes a little long to develop. But the symptoms of the disease are quick. The people who are aged between thirty and forty are the ones whom type 1 diabetes affects the most. These are the medical causes of diabetes.

What are symptoms of type-1diabetes?

The symptoms of diabetes Type 1 start to occur after the age of 30. These symptoms may also resemble with other kinds of diabetes. These symptoms are:

  • An immense increasein thirst
  • A lot of urination
  • Bedwetting
  • The hunger increases day by day
  • There is a lot of weight loss, but the weight loss is not from the belly area.
  • Some mood changes
  • Extreme weaknesses and pain in bones and muscles of legs
  • Sometimes there is a blurred vision
  • This type of diabetes also causes vaginal yeast infection in women.

How to cure diabetes 1?

It is important to cure diabetes. If it prevails it can be deadly. It is, therefore important to cure it in the early stages. Besides taking the medication, there are a few food items which if used in combination with the medication, can cure diabetes type-1. These foods together with the medication can reverse the effects.

  • Eating the high fiber foods can help cure and reverse the effects of diabetes in early stages. The people who get the symptoms of this disease should start eating high fiber foods. The foods such as nuts and vegetables are rich in fiber.
  • Also using cinnamon powder or turmeric powder on the foods daily can cure the diabetes type 1.

It is important to get rid of the disease in its early stages. It is important to consult the physician when the symptoms start to arise, especially if a person is aged 30 or plus.